Difference between source code and object code

Let’s understand the difference between source code and object code.

Source code

Line of code used to execute any program/problem is known as source code. It is the original code written by a developer.

You can make .exe file using your source code. Let’s understand it with one example.

When you write a program to find all factors of a given number; the code that you write on C or C++ compiler is known as source code of that particular program.

Object Code

Object code is not used for human, it is used by the machine to understand the instruction given in your program. It is a machine-executable file having instructions for a machine in the form of binary digits.

When we compile our program code that time object file creates. It means when you make any changes in your source code file and compile it every time it changes the object code file of that program.

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Difference between Source Code and Object Code

Source CodeObject Code
Created by the developer or coderCreated by the Compiler at the time of program compilation.
It is in a text file in the English language. Binary digits make up the Object Code.
Human Readable.Machine Readable.
Can be changed over time.Needs to compile the Source Code each time a change is to be made.
Serves as input to the compiler.It is the output of the compiler.
Instructions are written using English words and according to the syntax of the language.Instructions encoded in Binary digits.


So you understand the difference between source code and object code. The interviewer or your school teacher can ask you about these terms. So make notes and learn it.

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