Types of Software and what is it?

In this post we will know types of Software (Application Software and System Software) and what is it? also, I will explain to you the usages of each software. So first thing first…

let’s get started.

What is Software?

Softwares are a set of programs that are designed to solve a user’s problem or make his work easier. It is the collection of various instructions that are written in any programming language to solve a problem.
Software act like a pulse in any hardware machine. You need software to run any machine.

Types of Software’s

  • System Softwares
  • Application Software

System Softwares are the software that is used to run any hardware machine. Without system software, you can not use hardware. e.g. Operating system is the example of system software.

Without any system software (Operating System), you cannot use your computer system.

The system software also installed on AC, Washing Machines, TV’s etc. to operate these machines properly.

Types of Operating System (OS)

  1. Single user Operating System
  2. Multi-user operating system
  3. Single-tasking Operating system
  4. Multi-tasking operating system

Single user OS

A single user os allows 1 user at a time. Multiple users are not allowed by the system. E.g. Windows 9x

Multi-user OS

It is a software that can handle multiple users at a time using client-server architecture. E.g. Windows NT, 2008 Server, Linux etc.

Single-tasking OS

It can handle only one task at a time. It was a too old a system. E.g. MS-DOS, Windows 95

Multi-tasking OS

It can handle multiple tasks at a time like listing music along with working on your software like Ms-Word, Ms-Excel et.

System Software

Application Software

Application Software is general-purpose software that we use in our day-to-day life. Ms-Office, Tally, Database management software’s, all are an example of application software.

Types of Software- Application

  • Ready-made software
  • tailor-made software

Ready-made software type

These software’s are already designed by IT firms. Actually, they do a study of the market and then develop software that is useful for the market in any industry.

Application Software

Eg. Tally is designed for accounting. Ms-Office is designed to help people who are working in offices and they need software that can process their work and store in rich text format.

Tailor-made software type

A software that is developed by a company when you order them. This software is only designed for you and it can only solve your custom problem.

You can hire a company to develop your tailor-made software. It is much costlier than ready-made software.

E.g. A library management software, A shop management system etc.

Apart from these two types of software – You can consider below software

  1. Programming Software

Programming Software

Programming software’s are only useful for any developer community e.g. .Net, Java, Php etc.

This software is not used by general people. A developer can use it easily to make a new application program.

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Hope that you understand the What is Software, types of software and Usages. If you have any questions or queries so please comment me in below comment section.

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