Things to Consider Before Going for Medical Entrance Repeater Course

First of all, don’t be disheartened if you are joining a medical entrance repeater course. However, sometimes the pressure of having other things like board examinations or entrance examinations related to other courses in parallel distracts your focus from the entrance examination related to medicals.

Therefore, the chances of clearing the entrance for the medicals decrease. Secondly, do know that you are not alone. Lots of students didn’t make it in the first attempt. Most of them cleared them in the second and some of them needed one more try to clear the examination.

medical entrance repeater course
medical entrance repeater course

Think that you have become more experienced after the failures of the first attempt and therefore, you will be able to give more than 100% for the second attempt, which a lot of newbies to this examination won’t be able to. This article helps you understand the things to consider before going for the Medical Entrance Repeater course.

Let us go through some tips to focus on and clearing the medical entrance repeater course.

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Tips to Consider Before Going for Medical Entrance Repeater Course

Keep Yourself Focused

A lot of students are not able to make it in the first attempt as they have a lot of other things on the plate. They are appearing for the board examinations and also entrance examination of engineering courses.

Therefore, the focus on the medical entrance examinations decreases and hence it could be a plausible reason for the first-time failure. One suggestion here would be that, concentrate on your board examinations first. If you don’t clear it and get a good rank in the medical entrance examination, it will not help you. Therefore, first, clear your board examinations and then take the rest of the year to complete preparations for the medical entrance examination.

Also, choose either engineering or medical stream. Competitions are huge in either stream and therefore choose one of these streams and study in a focused manner and devote time for only one stream.


Since you are repeating the examination, practising is one of the main things to consider before going for the Medical Entrance Repeater course. So you need to improve the methods of practising the topics for medical entrance examinations. One of the ways of improving is to increase practice or study time. Practice more than you did last year.

Enrol in a Coaching Center

There are a lot of medical entrance test coaching centres. Some coaching centres provide special classes and guidance cells for repeaters. Therefore, you will be able to enrol in separate batches that completely focus on your needs. Don’t neglect the need for coaching centres.

The tutors of such coaching centres will be able to guide you properly and help you get over your flaws. The selection of a coaching centre is a big part of getting proper success in the entrance test. You may have friends who have cleared medical entrance examinations in the first attempt. Ask them, the coaching centre they took admission in. Then check other information about that coaching centre online.

Finally, take admission in that coaching centre. Alpha Entrance Academy is one of the most recommendable Medical Entrance Coaching Centres in Kerala.

Give a lot of Mock Tests

Since you need a valid score in the medical entrance examination, you need to know where you stand currently. You will not be able to know whether you are prepared to get a valid score in the main medical entrance test if you don’t sit for mock tests. Most of the times the score that you get in these mock tests reflects the score that you will receive in the main test.

Solve Past Year Medical Entrance Papers

This will also help you understand your current standing point along with appearing for mock tests. Sometimes mock tests contain questions from the past year medical entrance examination papers. You might be appearing for NEET or AIIMS or any other medical entrance test. In any of such tests, the subjects or the syllabus covered is more or less similar. Therefore, practising past year question papers for any such examination will benefit your preparation.

Prioritize Your Routine

It has been seen that students mostly tend to fail the Physics and Biology papers and therefore, don’t secure a valid rank in the entrance tests. Therefore, you need to keep more time for Physics or Biology or the subject in which you are weak, in your routine.

If you keep more time for the subject that you like the most in your routine and prepare yourself in that way, then it will be difficult to score for the second time too. Don’t be afraid of the entrance topic you are weak at and spend more time on it to clear it this time.

Study Smartly

What this means is to study the topics that are required for the entrance test. The questions are never set equally from the entire syllabus. Some topics are highlighted more in the questions, whereas some other topics may not get touched at all in the entrance test.

You may not be able to locate those scoring topics from the syllabus from where questions come every year and in huge amounts, but your tutor will definitely know. Take the help of your entrance coaching centres and tutors to locate those topics. Study those topics more and focus less on covering the entire syllabus. This will help you score more in such entrance examinations.

From the points mentioned above, you may have got a clear idea about the things to consider before going for the Medical Entrance Repeater course. Good Luck!

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