Full form of AAI (Airport Authority of India)

Today you will understand the full form of AAI, What is AAI, Role of AAI and responsibilities which are managed by AAI in India.

full form of AAI is Airport Authority of India. It operates under the Ministry of Civil Aviation. It is responsible for making , crafting, maintaining and enhancing the civil aviation infrastructure in India.

AAI Responsibilities

In this authority variety of responsibilities comes, which comprises running 126 Airports during which 11 International Airports, 11 Customs Airports, 89 Domestic Airports and 26 civil enclaves at Military Airfields.

To form certain security and protection of aircraft operations, it also has position installations in the least airports and 25 other locations.

AAI full form
AAI full form

Over Indian landmass, AAI takes under all the foremost significant air-routes through 29 Radar installations at 11 locations along side 700 VOR/DVOR installations co-located with Distance Measuring Equipment (DME).

Out of 126 airports, 52 runways have ILS (aircraft landing system) including Automatic Message Switching System.

India became the primary country to form use of this Automatic Dependence closed-circuit television (ADSS) technology within the South East Asian region. At Kolkata and Chennai traffic Control Centre’s, AAI’s execution of the automated Dependence closed-circuit television (ADSS) allowed traffic Control over oceanic regions to use satellite mode of communication.

Collaboration with other Govt. organizations

In association with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) technologically, AAI is executing the GAGAN project. Performance Based Navigation (PBN) is already using in Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmadabad Airports.

To accomplish the navigational condition of aircraft, the navigation signals which are from the GPS are going to be improved.

AAI manages and is liable for flight calibration of navigational helps for the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and other private airfields within the country.


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