Features of C language asked in exams

Hope that you understand the history of C language in the previous chapter. Today, you understand the features of C language in an easy way. Many times it asks in the interview question.

  • C is the high-level robust programming language. It has built-in functions as well as operators that help you to make your program easy and fast.
  • As in the above point, I already mentioned that it is the high-level language so it has assembly language capabilities.
  • Programs written in C are efficient and fast. This is due to its variety of data type and powerful operators.
  • C language is a strongly typed language so you can make a program very fast and efficient.
  • It is many time faster than BASIC.
  • C is highly portable this means that programs once are written can be run on another machine with little or no modification.
  • C programming language is a system-independent language; it gives you a facility to use this code into other machines easily.
  • Another important feature of the C language is its ability to extend itself.
  • You can use pre-defined functions as well as you can create your own functions to extend the functionality of C language.
  • C language is the most widely used language in operating systems and embedded system development today.

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Hope that you understand features of C programming language. Learn all the above features of C language.

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