Full form of DHMS, Admission Eligibility & Job options

I have already written a post on BAMS (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery), Below, I provide you information on DHMS, full form of DHMS in medical, eligibility criteria and job options after completing DHMS course.

DHMS and its full form

DHMS stands for Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery. Like BAMS, we study on Homoeopathic medicines. It is an undergraduate diploma course.

DHMS full form in medical term is Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery

In Homoeopathic, we focus on strengthening the immune system and curing the body towards disease.

What is DHMS
What is DHMS

As you all may know that Ayurveda is the ancient system. As per our Ayurveda, there are only three different disorders in our body i.e. KaphaVata and Pitta. These three plays a major role in the human body.

Duration of DHMS course

DHMS is a 4 years long diploma course that includes 6 months of internship training in any institution.

Eligibility for DHMS Diploma

A student must pass 10+2 with science subjects and obtained at least 45% marks.

Note: Maybe possible, a common entrance test (CET) would be the next eligibility criteria but it depends on the college. So, prepare yourself for an CET.

If you want to join any medical entrance exam so before joining this course read this post-

DHMS Course Syllabus

Following are the course outline, which is being taught at Homoeopathic Medical Colleges in India.

First Year DHMS syllabus

1. Homoeopathic Philosophy (Part I)
2. Pharmacy Theory
3. Pharmacy Practical
4. Materia Medica (including their use in acute prescribing as well as the larger 
Polychrest repertory work and how to find the appropriate remedy)
5. Anatomy Theory
6. Anatomy Practical & Viva

Second Year DHMS syllabus

1. Homoeopathic Philosophy (Part II)
2. Hygiene and Public Health
3. Materia Medica
4. Materia Medica Viva Voce
5. Physiology Theory
6. Physiology Practical

During 2nd Year, a student must develop skill and knowledge of homoeopathic materia medica, in-depth study of homoeopathic philosophy including the study of the miasms, remedy reactions.

A student must gather info about progress and prognosis and obstacles to cure continue to study the repertory and develop case management skills. In practical student should be given appropriate training about the physical examination of the patient.

Third Year DHMS syllabus

1. Homoeopathic Philosophy (Part III)
2. Gynaecology and Obstetrics
3. Materia Medica
4. Materia Medica Viva Voce
5. Pathology (Microbiology, Systemic diseases & Symptomatology)
6. Pathology Practical & Viva
7. Psychology

In this year, attention of the student should be positively be diverted in the involvement of College Hospital, observing practitioners taking cases, report rising and analyzing the presenting symptoms of a patient, finding the most suitable remedy and discussing the case in detail.

Final Year DHMS course syllabus

1. Materia Medica (Comparative study)
2. Materia Medica Viva Voce
3. Case Taking & Repertorisation (Theory & Viva)
4. Forensic Medicine
5. Minor surgery
6. Homoeopathic Philosophy (Part IV)

This year students will continue with in-depth studies, clinical practice and ensuring that of having sufficient opportunities to take studies at a broader level.

In addition to this student must be given projects of health studies, undertake a clinical appraisal of cases covered, be involved in group tutorials as support for on-going clinical work, attend lectures and seminars on topics related to homoeopathy,

This involves 24 weekends at college plus attending a First Aid Course, having treatment from another complementary/alternative practitioner and evaluating the treatment.

Colleges for DHMS

Note: We do not recommend any Institute or college; These colleges are only based on our knowledge. So please cross-check each and every college before taking admission.

  • Dr Padiyar Memorial Homeo College – Kerala

Fee Structure of DHMS course

Fee depends on college to college. It can get admission in DHMS course from 50000 per year to 80000 per year.

Job opportunities after DHMS

After completing DHMS, you are eligible to get jobs in private as well as govt. hospitals as a junior doctor/assistant. Salary depends on your practical knowledge but it would be around 20K+

Other relevant courses

Hope that you understand the full form of DHMS in medical, eligibility criteria and job options. Please ask your queries in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this post in your social family. You may read our technology blog here

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