CPU full form in computing technology

I already discussed on computer full form and its fundamental units. Today, You understand CPU full form in computing as well as other categories.

CPU long form

CPU full form is the Central Processing Unit.

You can see above full form of CPU in computer technology. Let’s understand it briefly. CPU is the central processing unit and it is the heart of the computer unit.

Basically, CPU performs all arithmetic and logical instructions with the help of the Control Unit (CU), sent by the user.

full form of computer

Components of CPU

As I already mentioned above that It is the brain of the computer. It has three main components-

  1. ALU
  2. CU
  3. Registers


ALU stands for Arithmetic and Logical Unit. We can divide it into 2 subparts-

  • AU – Arithmetic Unit
  • LU – Logical Unit


CU is the Control Unit of the computer unit. It is a very important part of the CPU. It controls on all input and output devices.


Registers are the tiny memory part. It is basically used to perform calculations at the time of processing any input instruction. Or we can say that these are small memory units used to hold instructions sent by the user at the time of processing.

Hope that you all understand CPU full form in computing. Now, Let’s understand CPU long-form in other categories.

  • California Pacific University (CPU)
  • Central Philippine University (CPU)
  • Central Place Unit (CPU)
  • Central Policy Unit (CPU)
  • Central Privacy Unit (CPU)
  • Change Password Utility (CPU)
  • China Pharmaceutical University (CPU)
  • Command Performing Unit (CPU)
  • Community Protection Units (CPU)

Hope that you understand all above full form of CPU. May be possible there are other CPU abbreviations. If you find please comment me below. I would be happy to add more CPU full forms in my list.

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