CPU full form in computing technology

I already discussed on computer full-form and its fundamental units. Today, You understand the CPU full form in computing as well as other categories. 

CPU long form

CPU full form is the Central Processing Unit

You can see above the full form of CPU in computer technology. Let us understand it briefly. CPU is the central processing unit, and it is the brain of the computer.

CPU performs all arithmetic and logical (ALU) instructions with the help of the Control Unit (CU), sent by the user.

Components of CPU

Block diagram of CPU
Block diagram of CPU

As I already mentioned above that It is the brain of the computer. It has three main components-

  1. ALU
  2. CU
  3. Registers


ALU stands for the Arithmetic and Logical Unit. Again we can divide it into two subparts-

  • AU – Arithmetic Unit
  • LU – Logical Unit


CU is the Control Unit of the computer. It is an essential part of the CPU. It controls all input and output devices. 


Registers are the tiny memory part of performing calculations at the time of processing any input instruction. Alternatively, we can say that these are small memory units used to hold instructions sent by the user at the time of processing.

CPU images

Best CPU for PC

There are different types of CPU configurations are available for PCs. It depends on your requirements. Below are the list of CPU for PCs

  • Intel Core i9 X series used for high-end content creation and development.
  • Core i9 9th Gen used for AAA Gaming and Development
  • Intel Core i7 10th Gen is good for home and workplace
  • Core i5 10th Gen for everyday task
  • Core i3 10th Gen for budget-conscious
  • Intel Core m3 8th Gen is used for On-the-Go mobility
  • Intel Core i7 vPro 9th Gen Built for Business

Understand RAM and ROM

RAM and ROM are supporting hardware of CPU. RAM stands for Random Access Memory and full form of ROM is Read-Only Memory. These are necessary parts of the computer. Without the help of RAM, you can not start a computer.

CPU Functions

CPU performs four main functions in a computer.

  1. Fetch
  2. Decode
  3. Execute
  4. Store


When you take any action on the computer, it stores that action in computer memory. CPU fetch that memory address and perform the task as per stored instruction.


CPU understands the binary language so it decodes assembly language into binary codes.


It executes all arithmetic and logical instructions with the help of ALU and CU. If required, CPU moves to the next memory address for fetch.


Before moving in the next memory address it stores executed data into a memory unit called registers.

FAQ’s related to CPU full form

What is the CPU used for?

CPU is used for Arithmetic and Logical Operations in a computer as well as mobile technology. It is the brain of computer.

Where is the CPU in the computer?

You can see the CPU on the motherboard of the Computer. Nowadays, it comes built-in with the motherboard.

I hope that you all understand the CPU’s full form in computing. Now, Let us understand CPU long-form in other categories.

  • California Pacific University (CPU)
  • Central Philippine University (CPU)
  • Central Place Unit (CPU)
  • Community Protection Units (CPU)
  • Central Privacy Unit (CPU)
  • Change Password Utility (CPU)
  • China Pharmaceutical University (CPU)
  • Command Performing Unit (CPU)
  • Central Policy Unit (CPU)

Hope that you understand all above full form of CPU. May be possible there are other CPU abbreviations. If you find it, please comment below. I would be happy to add more CPU full forms in the list. 

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