Write a program to find factors of a number in C

Many times, this (program to find factors of a number in C) program ask in many examinations like BCA, O Level and B.Tech. (CS). It is easy to develop.

Anyone can develop it if he/she knows loops and conditional statements.

So, Let’s get started…

Program to find factors of a number in C


void main()
int n,fcount=0;i;

printf("Enter any number to check all factors");

printf("Total factorial of %d\n",n);
printf("Total factorial =%d",fcount);


Enter any number to check all factors 16
Total factorial of 16

1    2    4    8    
Total factorial = 4

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Above we completed a program to find factors of a number in C. Let’s understand step by step.

First, input any integer (in ‘n’ variable) value through a user. I already assign some variable (‘n’, ‘fcount’ and ‘i’).

Use any loop (either for, while or do-while). Here, I am using for loop. I initialized fcount=0 and i=0;

terminate ‘i’ variable when ‘i’ variable reached just half of ‘n’ number. I check ‘n’ number from 1 to n/2 one by one. And display those numbers which divide ‘n’ number completely.

Also using fcount variable, it is used to count total factorials of any number.

Hope that you understand a program to find factors of a number in C. Please ask your questions in below comment section.

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