Develop a palindrome program in C using loops

Making a palindrome program in C is very easy. You can develop a code using any loop.

If you are not familiar with loops, I am describing for loop syntax below.

For loop syntax

for(initilization; condition; increment/decrement)
statement 1;
statement 2;

initilization is the initial value where your counter value starts 
and condition is the last value.

Palindrome Program in C

void main()
int n,r,b=0,temp;
printf("Enter any number to check palindrome");

tmp=n;//It is copy of number.

printf("Number is Palindrome");
printf("Number is not palindrome");

Program Code Explanation (PCE)

In the above Palindrome Program in C, n is the number entered by a user to check for palindrome number. We assign a new temporary variable temp to store a duplicate copy of n.

We execute a while loop until temp is greater than 0. In this loop, we calculate a reminder(r) value. We have a new variable b which is used to make a reverse number (b=b*10 + r).

Finally, in b we will get a new number if this number is equal to n so the number is palindrome otherwise it is not a palindrome number.

Hope that you understand above program code. Please ask your questions in the comment section below.

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