Comments in C: How to use in a program?

Comments in C or any other programming language is very important. It is never ever helpful for any user but they play a very important role if other programmers wish to understand your programming code.

There are two types of comment syntax in C language. You can use any one of them but as per usages.

Type of Comments in C

There are two types of comments in C language.

  1. Single line comment
  2. Multiline comment

Single line comments in C

If you want to use a comment that it is only a single line. So you can use single-line comment syntax.

//single line comment

void main()
int a,b; //variable declaraction
clrscr(); //clear the screen
printf("Hello World");//print the statement "Hello World"
getch();//display output screen until you press any key

You can see above code, all statements have single-line comments. You can use comments in your programming code. Commenting in your program code is a good habit. It helps other programmers to understand your code.

Multiline Comments in C

If you want to write a few lines as a comment to understand other programmers about your program code. You can use multiline comments in C.

/*multiline comments 
that are easy to use in C*/
/*This program is a simple program that is used to 
display a simple message hello world in console*/
void main()
int a,b; 
printf("Hello World");

In the above code, you can see an example of a multiline comment in C. Basically, it is used to brief the program concepts, variable initialization, and role of a function.

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