Assigning Values to Variables in C Language

In the previous post, we learnt a variable declaration. In this post, we will understand the syntax assigning values to variables

It is very easy to understand. If you don’t know how to declare a new variable please click on below link.

Let’s understand Assigning Values to Variables


void main()

int a,b,c; //variable declaraction
float salary; //variable declaraction

a=5; //variable initilization
printf("Enter value of b");
scanf("%d",&a); //variable initilization

c=a+10; //variable initilization

salary=5005.50; //variable initilization


In the above program code, you can see that the first 2 lines are used to declare a few variables.

After declaring, you can assign values on those variables as per requirement. You can use scanf() function to input values from a user or you can assign values using equal to operator.

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Hope that you understand the concept of assigning values to variables in C Language. If you have any questions please ask me in below comment section.

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