Let’s Understand Arithmetic Operators in C

You already heard about arithmetic operators in mathematics. Similarly, we have arithmetic operators in C language. Without these operators you can not perform operations in C like +, -, *, / etc.

Let’s understand all arithmetic operators in C one by one.

Below is the list of arithmetic operators supported by C.

Operator SymbolOperator DescriptionExample
+It is used to add two operands.x+y
it is used to subtract one operand from anotherx-y
*You can multiply two valuesx*y
/Divide is used to get quotient value after dividing one from otherx/y
%Don’t confuse with percentage, it is modulo operator and it is used to get reminder valuex%y
++This is a unary operator used with single operandx++ or ++x
– –Similarly it is also an unary operatorx- – or – -x

You can consider below examples based on arithmetic operators in C

Hope that you understand all arithmetic operators in C. In next chapter you will understand unary operators separately.

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