ABS full form for students [asked in exams]

ABS full form is an Anti-lock braking system. It is used in automobiles industry. Basically it is a safety system in cars or other vehicles.

No of times you have seen that when a driver applied breaks on an emergency stop; vehicle skids. ABS prevent it when we apply breaks suddenly. ABS system allows the wheels to maintain contact with the road.

ABS full form
What is ABS?

Other ABS full form

Below is the full form of ABS in different industries. You can consider full form as per industry-

  • ABS: Associate in Business Science
  • ABS: Accelerated Bachelor of Science
  • ABS: Antilock Braking System
  • ABS: Automatic Brightness Stabilization
  • ABS: Automatic Batch Scheduling
  • ABS: Air Breathing System
  • ABS: Anti Burn Shield
  • ABS: American Board of Surgery

Other full forms for you:

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