A Simple C Program: Let’s Understand C

A simple C program means an understanding of the concept of C programming. I will explain you step by step procedure to implement a simple C program.

I already explained printf(),scanf(), clrscr() functions in my previous post.

A Simple C program
A Simple C program

Let’s explain all the above functions in brief.

printf(): This function is used to display or print any statement or value of any variable on console/screen.

scanf(): It is used to take value from user into a variable(s).

clrscr(): It displays your output screen until you press any key.

A simple C program: Hello student

void main()
printf("Hello Students");

Program Code Execution (PCE)

stdio.h and conio.h both are header files. Also known as pre-processive directories. They have input, output as well as processing function definitions.

void main() is the main function of the C program. You can not run any program without main() function. Compiler executes program code from void main() function.

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Hope that you understand C program. Please comment me below if you have any question or suggestions. You can also refer Let Us C for more information on C Programming. Also, don’t forget to share this post in your social family or needy once.

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